Owl Pendant

$ 1,753

Description Inspired by the owl of Athena, stands for knowledge and wisdom, as Athena is the goddess of wisdom. The inscription “ΑΘΕ” is an abbreviation of ΑΘΗΝΑΙΩΝ, which means “of the Athenians”. Light up your dress with this historical pendant – for added shimmer and shine! – Handcrafted in 18k solid gold, which gives our pieces its delicate gloss, and will not discolor easily. – Set with high-quality natural Tsavorite, which add a dazzling edge to our pieces. – Pendant Dimensions: 20mm – Weight: 2.8g Materials Description 18k Solid Gold 18k solid gold is quite durable and will not tarnish or oxidize easily, which gives gorgeous texture to our jewelry. We aim to make each item a lifetime-lasting piece made to be worn everywhere, even in the shower. It is hard, wear-resistant, and glossy. Gemstones A precious or semiprecious mineral crystal. They vary in rarity and value. We select our gemstones according to the highest quality. Offering a variety of elegant cuts and refined

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