Spinning Orbs

$ 777

Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

Spinning Orbs 7/14/2022

Original Painting Specifications:

2 Canvases, each:

20"H x 16"W x 3/4"D

50.8cm x 40.64cm x 1.27cm

Only 100 prints are available to the public.  

Acrylic on Canvas.

These two paintings deal with the seeming chaos of our worlds, how the illusion of separation has us bouncing off each other, orbiting, circling, spinning, and whirling... And yet in the end we all are one, sharing the circle of life, each from our own unique point of consciousness. Even if two of us are looking at the same thing, we will NEVER see the same thing... And yet we embody oneness none the less. Such is the beauty of life.

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