I Evolve Crossword Original Painting

$ 9,000

Original Painting by Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

I Evolve, 9/7/2021

Acrylic on Canvas.

  • Per canvas: 14"H x 14"W x 1/2"D ( 35.56cm x 35.56cm X 1.27cm)
"Evolution is the infinite motion of things, a motion which arises not in the Infinite, but in the finite focal point of man's private universe. Evolution is man gradually growing up through his personal universe and outgrowing it. It is the individual gradually learning that the various conditions which he sets up are inadequate and must always be outgrown. Every conditioned attitude must finally be transcended.
In so doing it finds itself reunited forever with a reality which transcends all convictions about itself. We no longer interpret anything. We become the substance of that which is the essence we have been seeking through interpretation.
We are moving toward oneness, and we are also moving toward the unity that is all life, all truth, all good, all friendship, all wisdom, and all love. We are looking for a total sufficiency and in order to do it we must continue this age-long process of outgrowing everything that destroys this experience of unity."  Excerpted from, "Citizens of Eternity, Life in the Buddha World," a lecture given on April 20, 1975
-Manly P. Hall

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