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Comet Necklace With Authentic Meteorite

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Your very own shooting star! This comet-inspired necklace is absolutely stellar. Chunky hammered silver shaped into a comet-style shooting star set with a chunk of authentic Campo del Cielo meteorite. This unisex necklace is available on your choice of a leather or metal chain. Makes an out-of-this-world gift for teachers, science fans, stargazers, space enthusiasts, and nature lovers. 

Size & Materials

Please note - this is genuine authentic meteorite. Each stone is different and will vary in shape and style. Meteorite does contain nickel and iron, though it is not in an area that comes in contact easily with your skin. But if you have sensitivities to these metals, please be aware that the authentic meteorite does contain these elements. Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Pendant size: 1" x 1 3/4" (22mm x 45mm)
Chain length: 18" (46cm)
Materials: silver plated brass, authentic Campo del Cielo meteorite, and choice of leather chain or rhodium plated brass chain

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