dreadavinci art

I AM the Mental Plane Original Painting

$ 2,500

Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

I AM The Mental Plane 9/18/2019

Acrylic on Canvas.

48"H x 24"W x 1 1/2"D

121.92cm x 60.96cm x 3.81cm

The Mental Plane is the real of thought and consciousness.  It comprises the forms of living things, or life as we understand it, and is divided into seven minor planes:

  1. The Plane of The Mineral Mind comprises the states of units or entities that animate the forms of minerals.
  2. The Plane of the Elemental Mind A is the realm of the lower level elemental forces of nature.
  3. The Plane of the Plant Mind is the realm of the plant kingdom and plant consciousness.
  4. The Plane of the Elemental Mind B is comprised of the higher elemental forces or entities—those who control the lower level elementals.
  5. The Plane of the Animal Mind is comprised of the animal level consciousness.
  6. The Plane of the Elemental Mind C is the realm of the more evolved elemental entities.
  7. The Plane of the Human mind is comprised of the manifestations of life and existence!


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