I am that I am - dreadavinci

I am that I am

Who is Drea DaVinci?   Drea DaVinci, whose given name is Andrea Groener, is a modern artist and designer with a penchant for all things Leonardo da...

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Love and Oneness - dreadavinci

Love and Oneness

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: 1) Study the science of art. 2) Study the art of science.  3) Develop your senses - especially...

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The Love Frequency - dreadavinci

The Love Frequency

What is the musical, mathematical matrix of creation?  Could this matrix create positive effects in your life, from the building blocks of your bi...

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DaVincisms - dreadavinci


What school of intellectual thought do you follow?  Who moves you spiritually?  Do you get your wisdom from social media, or from age old Masters? ...

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Divine Balance - dreadavinci

Divine Balance

How did you spend Quarantine 2020?  Were you able to find your divine balance within?   Over quarantine 2020, Drea created a series of three 18 f...

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Quarantine Entanglement - dreadavinci

Quarantine Entanglement

  What is the Divine Paradox? "Quarantine Entanglement" 'The Divine Paradox' Established 7 27 2020 by Goddess Celestia Double sided canvas 180cm ...

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The REAL Da Vinci Code - dreadavinci

The REAL Da Vinci Code

What's the big deal about Leonardo da Vinci anyways?  What is the real secret behind his work?  And what does it mean for us in 2020? “Master of ...

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