Drea DaVinci is inspired by independent thought, universal connections, and high levels of consciousness. She aims to break the status quo mindset and revolutionize the fashion and art world with lots of love and good vibrations!  Drea DaVinci ART & Clothing is a lifestyle and a movement that symbolizes breaking social constructs and brings out the genius in each of us.

Drea is a believer in giving back and has been involved in various charitable events. 

Save Our Souls - Pop-Up Art Charity // PROMO from Drue Metz on Vimeo.

This prized pop-up gallery hosted at Sorenity Rocks Malibu featured surprise guest DJs throughout the weekend such a See Jane Spin. Guests discovered new original works from top-tier artists such as RETNA, who used the original surfboard of renowned pro-surfer Bruce Irons as his canvas in tribute to his late brother and surfing legend Andy Irons. Featured artists included: Aaron Axelrod, Alden Marin, Alec Monopoly, Alison Van Pelt, Andy Moses, Blakhat, Cisco Adler, Cory Osborne, Deanna Elsa, Drea DaVinci, Dietmar Kohl, James Haunt, Katherine Kousi, Keegan Gibbs, Linda Margaret Kilgore, Lindsey Nobel, Love Crew, Mr. Brainwash, Nicholas Bernard, Norton Wisdom, Patrick Hoelck, RETNA, RISK, Robert Standish, Ryan Campbell, Sage Vaugn, Sheku Kowai, Shepard Fairey, Sonni Pacheco, Steve Olson, Jim Evans aka T.A.Z, and This Means Mar. This extraordinary art installation set the stage for SOS’s “change-making movement” in the homeless crisis. Utilizing both a visual and visceral art experience, SOS’s Pop-Up Gallery grabbed the attention and hearts of guests in order to illuminate the homeless issue that is still ever-present yet overlooked in Los Angeles.
Founded by Joey and Jacy Nittolo, the Save Our Souls organization takes on the challenge of social change with an uplifting mission to see the homeless become self-supporting, educated, and newly invigorated members of the community that will use their experience and transformation to help others.


Drea donated 200 Shirts to guests at a "Fashion State of Mind" a local art and fashion show in Austin, Texas featuring Upcycled looks on the runway by some of Austin's most innovative and creative designers!

 Fashion State of Mind, Austin Texas