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Self Mastery and Collaborations

Do artists need muses?  Is the future of art all about working together?

The foundation that dreadavinci is built upon is collaboration between artists.  The first 'dreadavinci' was a collaboration between Leonardo Da Vinci and his mentor Andrea del Verrocchio.  While working in Verrocchio's workshop as a young man, Da Vinci contributed elements to two paintings, (the dog and fish in the painting 'Tobias and the Angel' and the Angel and Jesus's body in 'The Baptism of Christ') thus creating the original 'dreadavinci' paintings. 

Baptism of Christ Tobias and the Angel

At dreadavinci, we believe the future of the art world, and the world in general, is about working together.   We love the idea of juxtaposing seemingly different perspectives, techniques, and world views to find our inherent commonalities.  For example, (another of our favorite collabs) Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, worked on a number of exciting pieces from 1980 to 1986.  Much of their clout in the art world today is derived from those collaborative works that they produced.  

Two of our favorite b-boy muses, Fiiishbonez, and Jason “Raw Skeleton” Toney, have blessed the brand with collaborations, and the outcome was a study in  the dual nature of artists, and self mastery.  

Our shoot with Fiiishbonez was a delight.  We shot him wearing the Masked Queen Extendo T and the result was a prophetic scene. It is centered around being home alone with nobody to talk to except the therapist.  As soon as the pandemic hit, we knew we had to feature the shoot all over again as it was even more relevant with people sheltering in place.  Fiiishbonez, a masterful dancer, artist, and designer, is always a pleasure to collab with and we are huge fans of his work!  

Jason “Raw Skeleton” Toney is a study in self mastery.  The first time we saw his work, we knew a collab had to happen!  For a human being to possess a level of mastery such as his, is truly a testament to anything being possible.  He is a quantum creator that does things with his body most people never imagined were possible!  Such artists show humanity that we are only limited by our beliefs, and that breaking out of the box can manifest real life miracles!

No man is an island, goes the old saying, and it remains truer than ever in today's world.  The future of art, and humanity in general, is dependent upon collaborative efforts.  As the paradigm shifts from separation consciousness to oneness, we intend to keep manifesting magic with fellow artists!  



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