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Divine Balance

How did you spend Quarantine 2020?  Were you able to find your divine balance within?  

Over quarantine 2020, Drea created a series of three 18 ft. long canvases, painted on both sides, titled 'Quarantine Entanglement' dealing with Quantum Physics Unified Theory and the like.  The largest canvas of the three, "The Divine Paradox" is discussed in an earlier blog post.  The other two, slightly smaller canvases, titled "Divine Balance" will be discussed in this post.

Each canvas was painted in 9 foot sections making the totality of each canvas 36 feet long representing our 360 natural senses in it's most simple form.  The project began on 4-2-2020 and finished 7-27-2020 which is deeply symbolic and significant in itself.  

Drea had always been particularly fascinated by the ancient sophisticated civilization that lived in Khemit (Egypt) from 10,000 to 65,000 years or more ago.  Leonardo was initiated into the secrets of these ancient sages through Hermetic and Gnostic teachings and also traveled to Egypt and learned the secrets of the pyramids. Self awareness and deep resonance with nature enabled them (and DaVinci as well) to develop devices, technologies, and art that mystify us today. 

The implications of the evidence that these people, who are called Khemitians, left behind for us to discover are vital for us to unlock and comprehend.  The people of ancient Khemit, referred to later as Sesh, became the original 42 tribes of Africa. They recognized their connectedness to all that is, and considered themselves equal in every way.  

People we now refer to as Hebrews, Tibetans, Russians, Europeans and the many African Nations, were all, according to the indigenous tradition, originally tribes of ancient Khemit. These were a highly advanced people, who, utilizing 360 natural senses, were capable of great feats of manifestation, alchemy, and trans-dimensional journeying. They had no need of a written or oral language, or the confines of labels, and lived peacefully and naturally with the rhythms, energies and frequencies of their environment and the cosmos.

Through studies of such mystical ancient civilizations, we can also become alchemists, turning our base emotions to our higher states of consciousness.  We can turn toxic to divine, and balance our energies within ourselves, finding inner peace no matter what is going on around us.  In times of strife and social unrest, it is imperative that we look within, to find our divine balance, and manifest our own healing.  Once we have balanced our internal yin and yang energies, then we can truly become who we are meant to be:  Divine creatures, capable of magic.

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