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Quarantine Entanglement


What is the Divine Paradox?

"Quarantine Entanglement"

'The Divine Paradox'

Established 7 27 2020

by Goddess Celestia

Double sided canvas 180cm by 548.64cm

Both sides of painting mounted between tempered glass 206.822cm by 575.562cm by 2.54cm

Lighting embedded in the frame of the artwork


we do not violate the law of use

a wall

a floor

a table

a ceiling 

a catwalk

a ceiling fixture

as above so below

shields of protection

numbers rule all things

overpowering any curse

unlimited enlightenment

filled with love and blessings

bathed in the summer Moon

quantum unified theory resonating

on the frequency of truth our souls sing

art has gone beyond painting and the seven colors

realize that everything connects to everything else

art is about an experiential depiction of the universe

the tears of the Goddesses watered her and mother earth

number seven is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest

i remind you not to entangle yourself in words unless you are speaking to the blind

we, light, we, God, manifest in billions of different creations to explore and celebrate life

the second renaissance is about the return of the very ancient culture that honored spiritual wisdom

plato called the study of number symbolism “the highest level of knowledge”

7 contains the number three, of the heavens, and soul, with the number four, of the earth and body

7 colors of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

7 letters in the roman numeral system

7 notes to the diatonic scale

7 levels of consciousness

7 levels of heaven

7 days in a week

7 the septad

7 chakras

7 divine laws






cause and effect


learn how to see

divine balance

seed of life

the half moon was in Libra until 12:11 am

after which she was in scorpio

all night long she bathed

moonlight and prayers

during the sun in leo 

queen and king royalty

the red white and blue we are united as purple our divine

she followed the protocols of spiritual negative release

to give that energy back to the earth to make good of it

under the time of royalty the leo

king and queen

our sacred scribe shakespeare

with sonnets divine

whose father would have turned 97

was with us in spirit

smiling over us

billy came home after many moons in a distant land

cultivator of healing herbs he returned bringing smiles and laughter

celestia added 7 more colors to the canvas

soaking up the balance of the libra moon

champagne silver and gold

followed by 4 shades of blue

the balance of the libra moon
the death of the new soul

the birth of the old soul

the pyramids da vinci visited

the dance of the twin flames

abundance and joy

yin and yang

the scales

the end of a new soul

unity is what our light is

the 2 card is the high priestess

2 represents the birth of a spiritual awakening

she is associated with the duality of body and spirit

her planet is the moon and her element is water

like the moon, the number 2 shines with a borrowed light

but still has inspiring energy that is expressed in an introverted, emotional way

the passive principle is that aspect of reality the taoists call wu wei or ‘not-doing.’

we are aligned with the vibrational essence of number 2

we are in a position of trusting the universe

instead of actively taking control of every situation in our lives,

and ‘doing’ in an assertive sense,

we can trust that things are simply ‘being done’

this passivity is not a form of weakness

but rather a deep understanding of the way reality works

27 spiritual atonement awakening

27 reduces to the number 9 and 9

allowing things to come to completion

27 is known as the “trinity of trinities”

this is partially because 3 is the cubed root of 27

3 squared is 9 and 9 multiplied by 3 is 27

the world is composed of water (salt and fresh)

and the remainder belongs to land (27 percent)

the hebrew and the spanish alphabets both have 27 letters

27 expresses a love for humanity and one who is diplomatic and wise

27 is about non-judgement, compassion, and tolerance of others and their beliefs

In the bible, the 27th book of proverbs has 27 verses

shakespeare encoded his signature in proverbs

0 represents the God source before manifestation, which is pure spirit

2020 essence contains

4's essence, pragmatism, conscientiousness

a focus on building a secure foundation for the future

2's essence, such as teamwork, relationships, and diplomacy

0's essence, wholeness, inclusiveness, and infinite potential

this blend resulting in an essence unique

it resonates with pragmatism

2020 is an energy of focus

the end of a cycle


she found enlightenment in the surf shack


   "The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of
    the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws--such
    are vain and presumptuous fools, and they are broken against
    the rocks and torn asunder by the elements by reason of
    their folly. The truly wise, knowing the nature of the Universe,
    use Law against laws; the higher against the lower; and by
    the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into
    that which is worthy, and thus triumph. Mastery consists not
    in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or
    living, but in using the higher forces against the lower--escaping
    the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher.
    Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the
    Master."--The Kybalion.


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