The 7 Keys to Self Mastery

The 7 Keys to Self Mastery

Allow me to share with you a piece of my story:
     I first had the idea of becoming "Drea DaVinci" on November 11 of 2011 (11-11-11). I wasn't sure exactly where I was going with the idea, but I knew that Leonardo da Vinci was known as the greatest discovered genius in the history of humanity. That caught my attention and I decided to become his pupil. By 2015 I had started the dreadavinci clothing and shoe line and went by Drea DaVinci as an artist. I continually studied everything I could find about Leonardo knowing that there was in fact, a REAL DaVinci Code but not sure if we had the keys to it just yet. But I kept seeking.
     Along came 2020. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING shifted in my life at that point. Things came to a full stop and I was forced to sit still. I had booked a trip to Hawaii for a month in April of 2020 that got canceled due to Covid. I also booked a trip to the Pyramids in Egypt with Dr. Robert Edward Grant that had to be canceled as well.  I then tried to book a getaway to a horse ranch in Texas, close to Austin where I was living. It too, got canceled. Finally I got the message, the Universe wanted me to stay put.  So I did.
     I took in a friend of mine, Machiavelli, and her son when she lost her job and house due to the shutdown of the economy. You can read about our friendship here:  I was living in my art studio in the Domain and the three of us hunkered down and started dreaming and building. Neither of us had sat that still before, as we were being forced to do, so we decided to be productive and build some websites and business plans. Our first website was a travel site but that seemed ill fit at the moment as nobody on Earth was traveling. So we put it on the back burner and decided to build a company that focused on Business and Website Development and created
     Day in and day out we focused on our mission.  During this time, we really learned the meaning of teamwork, friendship, patience, forgiveness, determination, and perseverance. We decided to keep our living situation a secret as to keep ourselves edified, and our personal matters private. We told nobody and we survived together harmoniously and with much laughter and some tears too. We both had much introspection and healing to do and there was no better time than the pandemic to dive into our shadows and look within. Every day we practiced guided meditations. We devoured every personal development audiobook we could find. We talked for weeks on end about everything. Our bond became unbreakable.
     As I was a bit frustrated not being able to travel during this time, it came as a HUGE blessing when a dear friend of mine, Billy Clark, asked me to house-sit his and Jasen Trautwein's house in Clarksville until the pandemic passed. I now had an adorable two bedroom house called the Surf Shack across from a park in Austin all to myself! I started to really think and sort things out. I had been living in survival mode for many years I realized and now it was time to live in thrive mode. I painted a whole art collection. I got 3 18-foot long canvases and painted them all on both sides. I wrote a couple blogs about them here:
Jasen owns the Quarantine Entanglement painting and it's filled with so many good vibes!  In the Surf Shack is where I became very close friends with Tim Shields, my favorite Author, Sage, and Mystic thanks to Jasen's introduction.  You can get a copy of Tim's book, "A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment" at  He also just released a life changing course called "the 13 Keys" available at".  Tim's 13 Keys are a VITAL Key to The REAL DaVinci Code folks, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  Tim was also an editor for one of my favorite minds, Dr. Joe Dispenza so naturally, we are peas in a pod when it comes to our interests.  Tim, in turn, introduced me to another powerful author, Mandy Cavanaugh, who wrote the AMAZING book "F*ck the Glass Ceiling" available on Amazon: which has inspired Machiavelli and I immensely in our ventures together!  I am forever grateful to have found these beautiful souls along this journey.  I love you all so much!
     I took a free online course in quantum unified theory available here: and really dove into the laws of the Universe studying  six modules, that explored the core concepts of unified physics, the holographic principle, current and emerging views in science, the historical roots of Modern Physics and the research of pioneers such as Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Bohm. Throughout the course I followed Nassim Haramein’s journey of discovery and the nature of the profound shift in worldview that Unified Physics brings at this time, both in consciousness and in technological innovation. I enjoyed it immensely! I knew a major shift was upon us and it was exciting.
     On April 20, 2020 at 4:20pm I had a notification go off on my phone to watch a live talk that Dr. Robert Edward Grant was giving about decoding the Vitruvian Man so I tuned in. I knew that Dr. Grant held the keys to the real DaVinci Code and had a feeling he was about to blow my mind. He did. I was elated. Finally the wisdom encrypted by Leonardo da Vinci was being unveiled to the world and I was there for it with 24 hours a day to study it all. I was so thankful.
     Over the years I have found I do things years in advance, sometimes not quite knowing why, but following my heart and intuition with blind faith. As it turned out, the two collections of shirts I had produced in 2016 and 2018 were PERFECT for what the world was experiencing at that moment. Everyone was wearing masks and I had two collections with masked faces on them:

Masked Queen420 Racing Collection420 racing collectionmasked Queen

 A perfect synchronicity. I was so thankful. I had plenty of inventory to sell that was perfectly fit to that exact moment in time. I was able to get my clothing line in June Taylor Boutique across the street from my art studio and began to help the shop owner, Phillip Solomon, get through the pandemic working for him for free and selling my shirts and jackets. Everything started making sense and falling into place. I knew those collections I had designed were meant for just this moment. All was well.

     At the Boutique, I met Paul Fischer, a dear friend and my favorite photographer, who introduced me to Giacomo Forbes, and we fell in love.   Interestingly, Giacomo has the same name, physical appearance, and country of origin, as Leonardo da Vinci's lover and muse, Giacomo Andrea Salai.  Read more about this fascinating synchronicity in my blog: We were smitten from day one and he told me he loved the day after our first date, which incidentally was on 11-22-2021. Soon, however, we discovered we had a similar dynamic to Leonardo and his Giacomo and in the words of Leonardo da Vinci,


which translates to


I finally surrendered and left Austin. It undoubtedly was the most painful and difficult decision I had ever made but I knew it had to be done. Our two shadows could no longer be in the same room with each other. I left, devastated and heartbroken, but knowing it had to be done. We would never be at peace with each other in this lifetime. So I threw out everything I owned out and took only what fit in my car and drove home to Oregon and nursed my broken heart. 

     I cried myself to sleep for a month straight and kept myself busy working and traveling. I found peace again playing in the lakes of the Cascades and exploring the wonders of the land there. I took a sales job to keep me busy, and soon my business partner,  Machiavelli, was able to move to Oregon as well. We got our businesses up and running and the fruits of our labor began to pay off. Interestingly, her husband, from Austin, who had passed away just after her son was born, had shot multiple music videos in my hometown of Bend and had always wanted to raise their child together on a farm there. Now that is happening.
     I see the beauty in the pain, and the purpose in the struggles we went through. I know for a fact that ALL of it was in our Highest Divine good, and was all for a reason.  I have no regrets and only gratitude for ALL of it.
     A huge gift was given to me through this challenging time of MAJOR transition and I would like to share it with you. May I present to you, the REAL DaVinci Code, as articulated so brilliantly by my dear friend Dr. Robert Edward Grant in this beautiful podcast. It is nearly 3 hours long, but I promise you, it might be one of the most powerful interviews I have ever seen, and it is worth the time it takes to watch it. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope you find what resonates with your soul in this video. I love you all so much.
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