The Magic of Five Stars

The Magic of Five Stars

In today's world, what is the symbolism of a five star rating?    What is the REAL meaning behind the five point stars seen throughout history?  

Having a five star rating points to an outstanding experience for a happy customer who will return for more. It assures a high level of luxury, comfort, and quality. Be it companies, celebrities, or charities, all strive for a five star rating.  We are naturally drawn to the symbolism of the five stars because our collective consciousness speaks the language of symbolism innately and fluently.  It is the true Universal Language.  And the symbolism of the five stars is deeply powerful and profound.  

The five point star is attributed to the Pythagoreans with whom it carried secret significance. The five points on the stars are the Five Elements.  They symbolize protection, guidance, and the human body with five limbs. They are associated with balance, harmony, and spirituality.

In Egyptian hieroglyphics the five point star with the circle around it represents ‘another world’ or spirit place. This Golden Ratio, which has also been called Divine Proportion is prominent in the architecture of the great Masterpieces and is encrypted in the  L'uomo vitruviano by Leonardo da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.  

The Vitruvian Man is encrypted with the symbolism of the five point star.   It's encrypted symbolism dives into the depths of divine mathematical proportions and explores the nature of our universe.  Leonardo da Vinci revealed a treasure trove of universal wisdom linking art, philosophy, science, and esoteric wisdom.   The history of this sacred knowledge can be  traced to temples and pyramids of Egypt and the ancient world. 

The Philosopher's Stone is a term used to denote Supreme Wisdom.  The union of Divine Consciousness with the lower consciousness, or personality, has been the goal of Initiates of all ages. Esoterically, the Philosopher's Stone is the secret of the transmutation of base metals (base emotions) into gold (Divine Consciousness).  

The Philosopher's Stone is "Raising the Feminine and Collective Subconscious into Balanced Equilibrium," according to Dr. Robert Edward Grant.  This alchemical feat is accomplished  through non judgement, acceptance, and letting go of "conditioning" and bias, according to Dr. Grant.  Decrypting Leonardo's 'Vitruvian Man', among other things, gives us the Philosopher's Stone.  This points to the ushering in of the Age of Aquarius.   

Robert Edward Grant Leonardo Da Vinci

Artwork by Dr. Robert Edward Grant.

Magnum Opus

Artwork by Robert Edward Grant.


Vitruvian Man by Drea DaVinci

Artwork by Drea DaVinci.  



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