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Cylindrical Cufflink Gold Green Onyx

Cylindrical Cufflink Gold Green Onyx

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Latelita's cylindrical cufflinks, gold green onyx, have a dapper finishing touch for your formalwear. The art deco design of these gorgeous art deco cufflinks features a cylindrical gemstone set within an art deco inspired setting. The swivel bar pattern makes them both stylish and functional, and they're the perfect balance between classic refinement and modern elegance.

They're made from 925 sterling silver, dipped in 22ct gold with 16.8 carats of green onyx gemstone, which gives them a luxurious look and feel. Measuring 2cm in length with a diameter of 0.5cm and weighing 9.8grams, the green onyx provides a sleek and chic look that is perfect for weddings, office attire, or any other formal occasion.

The green onyx is a beautiful green stone that has many unique properties. It is said to have healing powers and to be a charm against evil. This stone is found in many different jewellery pieces and is a popular choice for those who love green stones. The green onyx is a fascinating stone that has many different uses. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery or a stone with special powers, the green onyx is a great choice.

The green onyx is also the birthstone for the month of May and makes a great birthday gift for any man looking for something eye-catching. Whatever the occasion, they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

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