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dreadavinci art

3rd i Print

3rd i Print

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Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

3rd i 3/2/2017

Original Painting Specifications:

20"H x 16"W x 3/4"D

50.8cm x 40.64cm x 1.27cm

Only 100 prints are available to the public.  

Acrylic on Canvas.

The heart and mind must be brought into perfect equilibrium before true thinking or true spirituality can be attained. The highest function of the mind is reason; the highest function of the heart is intuition.  The ability to feel 'with' rather than 'for' is the essential difference between consciousness and emotion.  All things owe their existence to their opposites and all opposites are actually identical.  Wisdom is given to no one until it is asked for.  


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