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Extendo Cleavers Noir

Extendo Cleavers Noir

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A Multiple Entendre.  A Certified 5 Star Cut can be a Tailored Cut, A Surgeon's Cut, A DJ's Cut, A Cut of Meat, the list goes on.  How many entendres can you come up with?  Wordplay is magic, don't you agree?  Wearable ART by the artist Drea DaVinci.  Unisex.  

Extendo dreadavinci T-Shirt/Dress.  Super Soft. 

 Exclusive Luxury Wash Collection. 100% Cotton.  Gets softer with every wash!  

"The X – and thus the Crossed Swords – symbolizes illumination and the ability to master the mind.

Through the purification of thought, we are able to transform ourselves from the animal instincts of our base consciousness and gain a more profound understanding of ourselves by tapping into the higher conscious mind.

To do this, we must free ourselves from the entrapment of the subconscious mind and realize we live in an illusion generated by our perception.

The swords crossed in fighting represent the most highly concentrated mind. The symmetrical X-shape they create symbolises the balance of male and female energies; analytical thinking with emotional values, and creative thinking with reason.


Neck 14”

Bust 34”

Base 37”


Neck 14”

Bust 38”

Base 41”


Neck 16”

Bust 40”

Base 42”


Neck 16”

Bust 44”

Base 48”

Runs true to size.

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