Reflections Blanc

$ 45 $ 99

Self Reflection is the theme explored in this design.  During Quarantine 2020, most of us probably got a chance to reflect, and most of us would agree, we needed it!  When in doubt, go within.  The answer lies within.  Wearable ART by the artist Drea DaVinci.  Unisex.  

Extendo dreadavinci T-Shirt/Dress.  Super Soft. 

 Exclusive Luxury Wash Collection. 100% Cotton.  Gets softer with every wash!  


Neck 14”

Bust 34”

Base 37”


Neck 14”

Bust 38”

Base 41”


Neck 16”

Bust 40”

Base 42”


Neck 16”

Bust 44”

Base 48”

Runs true to size.

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