dreadavinci art

i am conscious

$ 1,375

Super exclusive limited edition print on canvas, 24" x 36" x 1 1/2".

Only 100 prints are available to the public.  

For original painting, contact for pricing info@dreadavinci.com.

Original Painting Specifications:

Acrylic on Canvas.

24" x 36" x 1 1/2"

60.96cm x 91.44cm x 3.81cm


These are all moments at which, if you harness consciousness, you can learn something, you can transform your existence.  Abandon laziness for which there is no time in this life unwavering into the path of learning, reflecting and meditating.  

Everything that you see and perceive, take that as your journey of seeking spiritual liberation from evil, towards a reunion with divinity.  Comprehend everything, do not be distracted.  Learn to be present at the gate of the senses, watching. To be a gatekeeper at the gate of the senses, continually, in charge of what comes into you, exercising your willpower, perceiving everything consciously. 

Take everything in consciously, but also be conscious of how you do it. In other words, observe the observer.  It is an all embracing cognizance, inside and outside. It is an embracing of cognizance that does not divide but embraces, that sees everything. 

Train the consciousness to be present, take all perception and transform it consciously. Learn to be cognizant, self-aware.  Harness the flow of existence and transform it to a source of benefit.

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