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dreadavinci art

I AM the Spiritual Plane Original Painting

I AM the Spiritual Plane Original Painting

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Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

I AM The Spiritual Plane (9/18/2019)

Acrylic on Canvas.

48"H x 24"W x 1 1/2"D

121.92cm x 60.96cm x 3.81cm

The Spiritual Plane is the realm of deity and The ALL.  The Spiritual Plane is composed of those entities that exist in spiritual form (non-corporeal). This is the plane of the ascended beings and of deity. This is the realm of angels and guides, archangels, demigods, and other such entities. This plane is so far removed from ours that it is difficult to say much about the seven sub-planes.

 The Seven Divisions of the Plane of Spirit are as follows: 

1.   Plane of Spirit Guides A is a plane of development, just as are the Physical and Mental Planes. The eventual goal is a return to the ALL, a return to TAO, to become "one" with everything. Before we can achieve that state, we must first experience "everything." Part of the experience must include helping and guiding others along the spiritual path. This is something done at all levels of existence, but at some point in our spiritual evolution we transcend the need for physical form and exist as pure spirit or essence. Accordingly, the first spiritual plane is that of the spirit guide. The spirit guides are those entities that have just begun their existence in the spiritual form. They are able to help and protect physical beings and impart some of their knowledge. This existence allows them to understand better how the spiritual level interacts with the physical.

2.  Plane of Guardian Spirits and Angels: Cherubim A is the second level of the spiritual plane and is inhabited by the guardian spirits and/or the lesser angels, the Cherubim. These entities are more advanced than the spirit guide and are allowed more interaction with the physical.

3.  Plane of Spirit Guides B is the third plane of spiritual existence is reserved for the second level spirit guides. This level of guide has become used to the spiritual level, has integrated more information, and normally interacts with those on the physical plane who are closer to transcending physical existence.

4.  Plane of Guardian Spirits and Angels: Seraphim B is the second level guardian spirit and/or Seraphim. These enlightened souls are able to interact on the physical plane to a higher degree than the others and usually are more concerned with those just crossing over or those who have just crossed over to spiritual existence (even spiritual entities will need help from time to time).

5.  The fifth level of spiritual existence is the level of archangels, those entities who are just about to rejoin with the ALL or TAO. Plane of Demigods.

6.  The sixth level of spiritual existence is that of the demigod, those who are on the verge of transcending spiritual individuality and rejoining with the ALL or the TAO.

7.  TAO:  The last level of spiritual existence is the TAO or the ALL. 



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